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Born and raised in Austin, Texas; I grew up as a happy go lucky kid playing soccer, karate, bmx, skateboarding, lacrosse and loved sports cars. Being in Austin, I took advantage of exploring the cityscape, greenbelts and seeing live music. After high school I studied automotive technology at the local community college. Turns out I loved racing cars more than I loved wrenching on them. I loved them so much that I had a couple car accidents and a few close calls with law enforcement. A sign from above told me it was time to start a new. I eventually moved to Southwest Colorado in Durango; a little college mountain town near the 4 corners (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado). I worked as a cocktail bartender, bought a badass classic Jeep 4x4 and went to school at Fort Lewis College where I was the captain of the lacrosse team and majored in Marketing. The lacrosse team traveled through the Southwest and California and learned to surf during spring breaks. I studied abroad in Costa Rica with the business school and lived abroad for the best summer of my life! I was drawn to Colorado for the mountain sports. My favorites were snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking but also learned to rock climb and enjoyed white water rafting and beach volleyball with friends. After college I eventually landed back in my hometown of Austin where I work as a residential real estate agent. Professional life in a big city wasn't the easiest transition from the mountain town, peter pan lifestyle I had gown to know and love. Every time I made a big sale I would use my commission to go on month long road trips through my old Colorado stomping grounds and got to explore more areas of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, California, Oregon and Washington State. With coronavirus shelter in place orders, I developed a new hobby of being active on social media and starting creating basic content. Initially, it was to be more visible as a realtor to develop new client relationships. The strangest thing happened and I started getting brand ambassadorships from online clothing companies. Completely unsure on how this happened but I leaned into it and more companies started reaching out. My goal is to connect a web of interests toward a common theme: Grow my influence, market cool companies, entertain and express myself, connect with interesting people and brands and make real estate sales and help people relocate to Austin. The real goal is to make money, pay my bills, become successful, have fun, pursue my interests, improve my lifestyle, develop new digital media skills and go on epic vacations full of danger, excitement and adventure.



Talent and Skills

Influencer, Model, Brand Ambassador, Fitness, Content Creator

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